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edvard's madonna

January 2013

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edvard's madonna


I'm so poor. My mother needs to start paying me again. AND KayBee toys needs to start hiring me. I need money for concerts. Fast. Heh. We all I'll never be able to go to any of them because any money I should be getting is wasted on worthless shit. Gr.

Anger. I'm furious. ha. I don't exactly know why, but I know that I am. I've come to realize that if I had ANY sort of psychological illness, it would concern me being too passionate about everything. It's impossible for me to feel anything "a little." For instance, I'm never sad; I'm insanely depressed; I'm never just happy; I'm ecstatic. If I'm "just a little" nervous, I'll be shaking and perspiring. You know what I mean? Well, I guess I'm just feeling "a little" angry right now, and the "slight" emotion is causing me to desire death, not necessarily for me, but I could go either way.

On the less homocidal train of though, school was half-decent today. Although the "comic book" project was completed at procrastination's finest moment, the teacher seemed to like it... Lots of homework. I have to write a Creative Writing paper tonight, and my wicked long paper for English this weekend. And... SATs on Saturday. Hm. Maybe I'll get accidently hit by a train tomorrow. Haha. What's with me and getting hit by trains? :)

Well, I better get crackin' on my homework. And stuff. Anyone care to kill me? I'll be the one with the plaid pants tomorrow downtown at CVS. Use a gun. To my head. Avoid the struggle. ;) Haha. Oh the "sarcasm."


I would like to be added to that list of guns to the head. And I know wha tyou meen by you can't just be a little nervous or a little emotional. It sucks.