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edvard's madonna

January 2013

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edvard's madonna

Who is the father of Lori's baby?

If you know what this is in reference to... GOOD FOR YOU! :)

Can't wait for THE WALKING DEAD ! But, why, AMC? Why must us fans wait until October for season three's episodes? I mean, damn, you had plenty of time to film before the end of May. Clark says something along the lines of, "Maybe they wanted a summer setting." Maybe that is correct. But I'm a stubborn and selfish viewer who doesn't have the money to keep buying the comics, especially considering they do not feature Darryl - everyone's favorite crossbow-bearing hero.

Anyway... I found this journal's password, updated the info, and am back in the saddle. Originally I had intended to write this long update about what I've been up to, but I got distracted reading old posts of mine and my old friends'/ex-girlfriend. Then a massive infection on my arm decided to (put it politely) "start curing itself." After that mess, I had to shower, then I noticed there is a Walking Dead marathon on... and now I'm really not interested in spending any more hours devoted to livejournal (today).

Perhaps tomorrow, before Clark leaves, I'll take advantage of the laptop and update properly.

Til then, my zombie-loving friends... and to those of you who dislike zombies, check out the Walking Dead, moron! ;)

xo kerri