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edvard's madonna

January 2013

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edvard's madonna

. "uhh dashboard? STD? :makes ass of self:" .

Feeling guilty. Feeling guilty. Feeling guilty. Rationalizing emotions. Feeling better.

Took my SATs for the first time. Woo for getting something accomplished, for once. But I'll have to take them two more times. The english section was easy, but the math part was...geometric, unfortunately. You know that means I'll get like a 900. :shudders: I hate standardized tests.

This week went by fast. And, for that, I'm grateful. Friday was the best. I hung out with the girls and a few others. I felt so bad because they drove me around so much, and dropped me off super early. I got in only to find out that David wasn't coming for another two hours. GR. :mutters obsenities under breath: But my friends picked me up and brought me to the cemetery. Too bad I was still a little too woozy to know what the hell was going on.

The girls want me to go to Homecoming. I thought no one would get me to go to that hell fest, but now I'm actually thinking about it. :-/ Rach and Danielle are bringing their boyfriends. David refuses to go, though, so I'll be flying solo unless Kelly, my love, wants to escort me! hahaha. "DYKE!"

I still have to write my British Literature paper. It will be funner than hopscotch, only not. That'll be a task for Tuesday night, for sure. Until then, I'm going to hang out with David. God knows I don't have a life outside of my relationship. :) ...



Yeeehaw. I know what I'm wearing if I end up going. Vinyl pants and a colared shirt. Hey, we'll be dykes, but we'll be FASHIONABLE dykes! Oh yeah! haha.

Wow. Is it really 3-5?? Wow. That would rule, but I'll try to make it five anyway just 'cause you know she'll say "no! I said it was to be 10 pages long!" Gr.