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sadistic_star's Journal

The Velvet Edge
1 August
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  • sadistic_star@livejournal.com
Lifejournal has altered its website quite a bit since I've last visited. Whatever happened to greatestjournal? Does deadjournal still exist? Even if it does, surely I'll never be able to rediscover my username, let alone my password. Damn! Those sites contained even older entries than livejournal.

That being said, the majority of entries posted here were written circa 2001-2005 and serve as memories of a simpler time. At that time, I was an over-emotional teenager. Obviously several years have passed, and as expected, many of my idiosyncracies have changed... Still fairly over-emotional, it's unclear whether said changes serve me positively. In an attempt to assess my personality I hope to redirect my thoughts from paper to lifejournal, taking notice of how I can fix whatever if keeping me down after all these years.

But truth be told, though I love the proposed experiment, the journal will most likely exist merely as a look back at that simpler time... and the nostalgia that accompanies it. Shame.